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A Top Performing School

Avicenna Academy is the first and only school that offers a specialism in Herbal Medicine alongside a broad curriculum. The school is a private funded school offered at a very discounted fee due to its non-profit basis as a registered charitable institute. We envisage Avicenna Academy attaining an outstanding school status, by building on our good with outstanding features, in the not so distant future and we expect a 100% 5 A*-C GCSE pass rate. The Academy will also strive towards achieving the best English Baccalaureate results in the country. This will ensure that students attending Avicenna Academy will progress to Further Education and gain enrollment into a university from the Russell Group of Universities.

Smaller Class Sizes and Qualified Teachers

The academy caps class sizes to 20 students per class; currently class sizes are 12 students or under. All teachers will be qualified to teach the subject in their respective specialism. The school is a small academy which means that teachers benefit from fewer students to manage, which results in a superb teacher to student ratio and an individualised curriculum.

Advanced Scholarship

Students in our academy are taught Year 1 of the Advanced Scholarship Programme over their five Years in secondary school. This will prepare the students for entry into the second year of our Advanced Scholarship Programme whilst completing A levels or equivalent courses.

Merit Based System

The school has decided to implement a merit based system where students are rewarded based on their achievements and they will be encouraged to work hard. Hard work and excellent initiative demonstrated by students is recognised and rewarded with trophies and prizes. The best students are awarded with honours such as class valedictorian.

Great Students

The Islamic Ethos has been designed to inculcate high standards of behaviour and discipline. Students are expected to respect teachers, parents and their fellow students. An environment of academic and sporting competitiveness will be established in as supportive framework. Avicenna Academy will set up summer internships for students with local commercial establishments. Students will be encouraged to be part of the school newsletter and community projects. Students will be put in the best position to succeed.

Extended School and Community Involvement

The school will also provide extended services through its facilities for pupils, their families and their communities. This will give adults opportunities to benefit from the school. The School hopes to implement more advanced courses for adults. These courses will be accredited and will give adults qualifications. The school will be a hub for learning for the entire community. A ray of hope. A key to a brighter future.

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All Procedures and policies such as: the Accessibility Plan, Admissions Policy, Attendance Policy, Assessment Policy, Behaviour Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy, Complaints Policy, Curriculum Policy, Data Protection Policy, Fire and Evacuation Procedure, Grievance Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Preventing and Tackling Bullying Policy, Safe Recruitment Policy etc are available to under the policies section. Furthermore the list of staff and their profiles can be made available as well.

About Avicenna Academy

Avicenna Academy incorporates Primary and Secondary Education. It is the first academy to revive the teaching of neglected sciences such as Herbal Medicine and Islamic Creed (Aqeedah). We hold a broad, open-minded view and approach to knowledge and therefore Avicenna Academy provides a holistic education fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

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