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Avicenna Academy seeks to be one of the country’s finest independent schools, providing an education for life in a caring environment based upon Islamic values.

Avicenna Academy strives to develop the whole person by:

  • fostering an environment in which all pupils are happy, secure, confident and valued.
  • stimulating all pupils to achieve their academic potential.
  • encouraging the development in each pupil of spiritual and moral values, self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for others and the environment.
  • offering a wide range of enriching cross-curricular activities.
  • promoting independent thinking and lifelong learning through innovative educational practice.
  • nurturing a positive relationship with parents, alumni, and the wider community.
  • supporting and developing enthusiastic, dedicated staff who feel committed to the School.

Attendance registers at Avicenna Academy are maintained in accordance with the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006. The attendance register is relevant to all day pupils of compulsory school age. In the interests of welfare, health and safety, pastoral care and educational benefit, attendance registers will be maintained in the same way for pupils in EYFS who are younger than compulsory school age.

With reference to: Keeping Pupil Registers, DCSF, June 2008.

Advice when using Absence and Attendance Codes, DCSF, January 2009
For safeguarding and educational reasons, schools must follow up all unexplained and unexpected absence in a timely manner, such as through “First Day Calling” procedures.


School Procedure

Class teachers are responsible for completing attendance registers at the start of the morning session and once again at the start of the afternoon session each day. In fact further to this we will demand registers to be completed in all lessons where the teacher or class is changed (intra-lessons).

The names and details of pupils who join or leave the school will be included or deleted according to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006. See the Admissions Policy.

The school reports the following attendance issues to the local authority:

  • 20 days of unauthorised absence
  • Failure to attend regularly.
  • Deletion from the school register when the next school is not known.

Each attendance register will include the following information:

  • Details of the pupil’s form/tutor group.
  • Whether a pupil is present or absent for the lessons of the day.
  • For pupils of statutory age, information about authorised or unauthorised absence. Details of such information will be found in correspondence between home and school, which is kept in each pupil’s correspondence file/or electronically.

Electronic registration:

  • The register will be backed up every month/or a printed version will be available
  • There will be provision for the register to be stored for at least 3 years
  • If corrections are made to the register provision to show the correction and the original will be made through comparison with the electronic version and the printed copy.

The Vice Principal, together with the School Secretary are responsible for collecting the registers after each registration session and for bringing any causes for concern to the attention of the Principal who will pursue any issues that require following up with either a pupil’s parents or guardians or with the Local Authority.

The wording below explains the codes used in the attendance registers and gives clear instructions to form tutors on how to maintain their attendance register. A copy of this wording is affixed to the inside front cover of each form attendance register.

Avicenna Academy Registration Procedure

  1. The class register should be taken at the start of the lesson
  2. Pupils present should be marked with a diagonal RED ink line
  3. Pupils absent should be marked with a circle in BLUE ink.
  4. Any Late pupils should be challenged according to the behaviour policy and have a letter L placed in the circle with a footnote specifying duration of lateness and reason(s).
  5. In the case of an approved absence the following code letter should be marked in the circle:
    H – Holiday
    M – Medical/dental appointment
    P – Approved sporting activity
    V – Educational visit
    C – Other circumstances (to be specified as a footnote)
  6. All absences should be explained by a letter from the parent(s). Letters should be sent in the register to the office. The absence circle should be marked with an ‘N’ when a letter has been received (only the final day in a series of absences)
  7. Attendance totals should be completed daily
  8. Registers will be collected at assembly and taken to the office. The school secretary will publish an ‘absent pupils’ list.
  9. In the event of a fire the school secretary will take the school registers to the assembly point.
  10. The register is an important legal document and the records are open to inspection by the appropriate authorities

During the school day the registers are kept in a tray directly outside the School Secretary’s office where they can be found quickly and easily in the event of a fire alarm or any other evacuation. In the interests of Health and Safety and the welfare of our pupils and members of staff, this arrangement is well advertised and is known by all members of staff and pupils.

About Avicenna Academy

Avicenna Academy incorporates Primary and Secondary Education. It is the first academy to revive the teaching of neglected sciences such as Herbal Medicine and Islamic Creed (Aqeedah). We hold a broad, open-minded view and approach to knowledge and therefore Avicenna Academy provides a holistic education fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

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