Media Upgrade Project

Donation appeal for our Media project.

Avicenna Academy is starting a new development plan for its media department in which we have decided to upgrade to make Avicenna’s media more professional and more entertaining with quick and easy accessible media.

What we will do?…

We will be purchasing many products such as a full audio system for our events, video system for live streaming on the web and quick releasing of DVD’s.

How will YOU benefit?….

Whenever you will come to our events there will be less difficulty in the voice of the lecturer getting to you, if you cannot attend then you can watch live on the web in the comfort of your home with good quality video and audio so there will be no fuss.  Plus in live streaming you will be able to interact with the event, also DVD’s will be available in no time after the event.

To make it easier for us to buy our products we have split the project in 3 sections so we can buy the most needed things first. The 1st section is the audio section in which we will buy all what we need for our audio we have calculated. We estimate an amount which is a total of £700.00. The second section is the video section in which we will buy all our video related products. We have calculated an estimated amount which is a total of £1,000.00. The 3rd section is camera stands, lighting and accessories etc which is projected to cost an estimated amount of £500.00. The total cost of the full project is approximately  £2,500.00 as a maximum and we are trying to raise this before the target time of July 2016. Please donate for this Dawah project that and earn endless amounts of rewards.

We request that you donate generously in this cause which will help not just us but you and the Ummah, as it will be a Sadaqa-e-Jaria for you, May Allah increase your sustenance and reward you on your donation.

Note: When giving your donation please give with the permission that the money you give can be used in any other permissible good cause. When donating give the title of the donation media department. 

JazakAllah khair

Habeeb Minhas

(Media Manager @ Avicenna Academy)


Please click on the donate button below and donate intending for sadaqa (lillah) only:

Account Name: Avicenna Academy
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Account No.: 6563 5753
Bank Address: The Co-operative Bank
PO Box 250
Delf House
IBAN : GB21CPBK08929965635753

Regular Support

Why not help us by providing regular Sadaqa that will better your abode in the Hereafter, insha-Allah. We have created a short Standing Order Mandate that you can provide to your bank to initiate regular payments. We would like to benefit from Gift Aid through our tax paying donors and there is no extra cost to you as tax you paid is given to charities! Contributions can be small or large and these are entirely up to you (we recommend a minimum of £5).

Download our Standing Order Mandate

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