Manzoomah Bayquniyyah

This is a recommended text for those students who wish to begin their studies in the field of Mustalah Al-Hadith (Science of Hadith: Terminology and Grading). A text which is widely taught and memorised by Muhaditheen and students of science of hadith.

Academy Recommendation: This is the first text students should study in the field of Science of Hadith.

Imam Mahdi: The Final Imam

This course covers a classical text on 40 Ahadith about Imam Mahdi, who will appear as the Imam (Leader) of the Muslims. Taught by Shaykh Atabek Nasafi you will learn about Imam Mahdi’s background and the signs of his coming as well as what he will do.

Academy Recommendation: After this course if you have not studied Aqeedah you should study our Aqeedah courses.

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