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Lost Science: Face Reading

The knowledge of Physiognomy or Ilm al-Firasa (علم الفراسة) was long practised in Ancient Cultures. This knowledge has stood the vicissitudes of time and was used in Arab culture to varying degrees. In fact Ilm al-Firasa is accepted as a source of evidence in the Hanbali Madhab! This is a excellent opportunity to study one of the lost sciences. The teacher will examine face reading, its proof from Quran and Sunnah and its practical application through a classical text.

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Futuwwa: Islamic Chivalry

According to the people of Suluuk, Futuwwah is a code of honourable behaviour that follows the example of the Prophets (AS) and Awliyah (Friends of Allah (SWT)). By adhering to its precepts, the student learns detachment from the ego. In this lecture Shaykh Atabek brings the subject alive by giving a beautiful commentry with reference to Quran, Sunnah and accounts from both his life experiences and those from the audience. A must watch for those that want to tread on the path of spirituality and be inspired by stories from the Scholars and Saints of Islam.

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40 Hadith on Marriage

Nikah or marriage is considered as one of the most intimate communion between man and woman. It is the building block of society that is strongly advised upon every man and woman who meets the conditions of marriage. In the case of needing to protect ones chastity it raises to the level of wajib (compulsory) should the believer have the wealth to support a spouse. This lecture is a commentary on the 40 Hadith pertaining to marriage through a Fiqhi perspective. A must watch for anyone seeking to marry or already married.

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The Epistle of the Birds

Risalat-at-Tayr, best translated as the epistle of the birds, could be mistaken for a fairytale story of children or the script to a Hollywood movie. It is probably the inspiration to “The Wizard of Oz” yet this cryptic tale is a master piece about the spiritual journey to Allah(swt). The story is told of a group of birds who travel to meet their King. However theirs is a journey of obstacles and challenges that they must overcome to meet their King. Every sentence holds a treasure of hidden meaning that only a Shaykh of knowledge and insight can unravel. Can you afford to miss this wealth of enlightenment?

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Fiqh of Janazah

Fiqh of Janazah is a serious of lectures on Janazah and the Funeral rites. In these lectures the Shaykh explains the way of bathing, shrouding, and burying the deceased; there are step-by-step demonstrations to support deeper understanding. Shaykh Atabek also answers many of the contemporary issues of today such as: “Can we bury the dead in another country?” as well as Fiqhi questions and matters.

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