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Admissions Policy

Please read this information carefully to ensure that your child’s application is processed promptly and efficiently:

  1. Please download the Student Admissions Application Form file by clicking here.
  2. Please complete the form in clear, legible handwriting, ensuring you have signed and dated it in the correct place. Alternatively you can complete the application on a computer.
  3. Post the completed form to Admissions, Avicenna Academy, Tinsley Park Road, Sheffield, S9 5DL – or – email as an attachment to
  4. Once your application has been received, an acknowledgement email or card will be issued to you detailing a reference number that should be quoted in all correspondence with us regarding your application.
  5. Our main intake is for September of each year. You should submit your application (for a child of the correct age for admission) before the following August for your application to be considered in due course. However we will consider applications at any time subject to our admin department’s workload. You will hear whether or not your application has been successful in August (or for late applications up to 14 days from application being received).
  6. If you have applied for a Reception place after our intake for September has been admitted, or for a place in another class, then your application will be placed on our waiting list for the appropriate class and will be considered should a place arise.
  7. During our routine admissions period for new student intake, we will invite those attracting greatest priority to the school for a short interview and examination. Parents and students will also have an opportunity to take a look around the school at this time.


What are the admissions criteria?

These are based on our selection criteria. These currently are:

A: Application and Interview

Since a shared ethos shapes a strong and vibrant school community we will be assessing the level of commitment to our school’s values in the interview stage and if we are not satisfied we may seek references. There will be intake tests as part of the admissions procedure where these tests will help to diagnose current knowledge and ethos.

B: Location

Applications are welcome from families residing anywhere in South Yorkshire, but Sheffield areas will have higher priority

Applications from any area outside of South Yorkshire will only be considered in special cases.

C: Social factors

We pay heed to applicants demonstrating a need for extra support due to social or domestic problems, as well as applications from members of staff.

D: Siblings already enrolled at the school

Siblings have very high priority but must sit entry exams and interview.

E: Mode of transport to school

The school encourages the use of environmentally-friendly forms of transport to school.

Please note: Should any two applications qualify equally for a single place then we will apply a closest-to-school over-subscription criteria and the closer address would gain the place.

Can I appeal if my application is unsuccessful?

If you feel that your application has not been dealt with fairly please put your concerns down in writing to the headteacher, within two weeks of the notification.

Click to download Student Admission Form 

About Avicenna Academy

Avicenna Academy incorporates Primary and Secondary Education. It is the first academy to revive the teaching of neglected sciences such as Herbal Medicine and Islamic Creed (Aqeedah). We hold a broad, open-minded view and approach to knowledge and therefore Avicenna Academy provides a holistic education fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

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